Throughout history, tombs and monuments have commemorated the lives and passing of those who have gone before.
Once the province of the rich and famous, mausoleums offered the dignity and prestige of above-ground entombment to mankind’s honored dead.
Now those who can afford a traditional earth burial can also afford a secure final resting place in a mausoleum.

Beautiful Rosewood Park crowns a hill sheltered by stately pines. The peaceful surrounding s provide an inspiring resting place in the perpetual care cemetery or stately Chapel Mausoleum.

Typical of the respect and concern shown at Rosewood are amenities such as attractive benches for comfortable seating and covered pavilions for committal services.

Rosewood Cemetery has even set aside sections devoted exclusively to United States’ Veterans.
Pre-need funeral and burial arrangements are conveniently offered at either Rader Funeral Home or Rosewood Park. Both traditional lawn burial and crypt spaces are affordably priced, and there are no finance charges for pre-need funeral arrangements.

Rosewood Park Cemetery and Mausoleum is one of the finest perpetual care cemeteries in East Texas. Developed by the Rader family with a long tradition of service to the community. Rosewood Park offers not only quality cemetery sites with standing monuments permitted, but inside chapel or outside garden crypts for families who prefer entombment.


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Our staff recognizes the challenges of end-of-life planning. We assist you with care and compassion in making these decisions whether you are planning for the future or need to make immediate arrangements. Rosewood Park has and always will be a sacred place of remembrance, a place to mourn those we have loved, a place to seek inspiration and solace, and a place to celebrate life.

Rosewood Park is an active cemetery providing service and care to families of all faiths. For more information on our cemetery services, contact us, or submit this Information Request form, and a member of our staff will contact you.

We understand that grieving does not end on the day of interment. An interment site is a kind of sanctuary, a place for friends and family to mourn, remember and celebrate a loved one. We work together with you to ensure that the site continues to be beautifully maintained now and into the future.